It’s Thanksgiving in LA!

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Turkey eating day!

I booked my ticket not knowing it will be Thanks Giving! Godly surprises are Rolling…

I finally made it…

Flying to LA took me almost 19 hours of doubt, zillion of questions, and an ultimate need of a manly assistance to lift up any sort of luggage (just a piece of advice, every lady traveling alone should never carry more than herself and  HAND-bag on the plane), but all my fears and frustration made no sense at all in His presence!!!


Checking in from Egypt has released an angelic escort! I was put on an exit middle seat from cairo to London with pretty much free space for my feet and on a middle isle seat on an 11 hour-flight till LA that surprisingly changed when God reserved 3 window seats on my left to own that Heavenly Ride. Yesssss I got them 2 seats for me…not to mention how full those flights were!


It cost me 3 bad movies, 1 Brave Disney’s nice movie and one ep of the big bang theory to watch on the airoplane to stay AWAKE so I can beat the jetlag. I woke up at 6:00 am which’s a good start after all…

And finally I made it to the Zaks and just woke up at a wonderful sleep.

I am seeking Him with all I am. Every piece of me in my heart groans for Him, everything in me longs for Him ALONE..knowing that Obedience is all about sacrifice, Every WORD you say God is what my heart will LIVE out in the fullness of who you are.


It feels like am well supported and am not alone, knowing that yall are praying for me and seeing what He is doing as much as I do. And that in itself is fairly enogh to give him the Highest praise.

Snaps De Gloria

Flying into the Sun (Son)



What we see is a lot different from above, isn’t it?


Sunset from above