The Portable Meaning of Home

From Egypt To California

Since I got here despite knowing i was made to fly, questions of doubt rolled up and down my head: What am I supposed to do after flying..after God’s calling of being here? When all of a sudden you feel, Yikes! What have brought me here?!

It feels exactly like I’m all here by myself in a different culture where I really don’t know nothing about, what to expect. … it’s like I wanna end somewhere, at least I have a calculation of some kind or an equation that leads to KNOWN results.

Its always put like this, you can’t settle where you don’t belong and nothing seems to be more comforting and relaxing than HOME. In other words, there has to be a final destination, you just need to guarantee an ABSOLUTE of being. And I’m learning it God’s way, the “Follow Me” that Jesus said before gathering the 12 pillars of the desciples who multiplied to be the apostles that transformed nations upside down..

Follow Me

Brought to my knees, laying down my crown and it's just where I simply belong

Brought to my knees, laying down my crown and it’s just where I simply belong

Jesus called each and everyone of His desciples and all their response immediately was they left everything they were doing and everyone behind to follow Him right away, not knowing where they will end up going or even be doing when it ended up to the Cross.

They followed at any cost, losing their jobs, seperating from their families, giving up their own plans, letting go of their dreams…etc. I am getting it now that it had to cost me something precious… SACRIFICE.

Portable Home

I am learning the portable meaning of home, when love is all what carries you and fellowship is all there is to survive…you just gotta learn to TRUST.

Me to be taken away from a comfort zone to seek a more deeper encounters with the Lord is a great chance to experience the Presence of the Lord as my only Home assurance that moves mightily anywhere I go. Following Him is such an HONOR to co-do and be there with Him…even on Earth as it is in Heaven. I will see him rise and raise the DEAD with Him.

The Honor of Being Where He Is

Actually the less I know the more I see, the more God is so personal in my life the less I become so worried about anything… His fullness, unconditional, perfect and great love is all about the ABSOLUTE goodness of Him.

Being here not knowing why, for how long and no plan is precious journey that has a purpose i guess… a heavenly ride into the unknown yet the absolute meaning of HOME.

~The Eagle Pen~