A Dream: A Flood, Flying House & Survivors’ Inventions

I have been dreaming very specific dreams while I have been staying here…

I slept last night on the voice of showers of rain behind my window and it was such a cold night and after praying that I needed God to show me something special for me  and ONLY me while I’m here, I got to share this…

I just woke up and talked to dad about it, and he said that it was so significant, so I’m writing it down to you papa!

Well I was walking and passing a street and it seemed like Tahrir Square in Egypt. But there was something very peculiar about how peaceful that place was. The Square was not jammed or crowded as usual, and there were tall and long sized humans along with normal people on the streets whom actually controlled traffic of the public buses to drive in line by holding them (their arms could actually control the whole size of the buses) and they were also protecting the  humans from any kind of chaos or harm. But they were HUGE in size and length, as well in strength and supernatural powers. They looked as if they dwelled on that land for a while and they wore modern clothes.

I was heading to look for a restroom and a man accompanied me so I won’t be alone on the streets of Egypt (but later I discovered that this was my husband in the dream). When I walked to the side of the Nile, there seemed to be new infrastructure taken place, very clean streets and buildings. There were doors all over that line overlooking the Nile, and it was expected to be restrooms for the public that was so clean. But the man accompanying me (my husband in the dream) when he opened it we saw it was a much bigger space of a double story studio kinda place of which a man he knew lived in. He seemed to be a depressed artist, from all the paintings that was on the wall. And (my husband in the dream) started asking that man to come down and get out in the sun more, but he was so hiding and shut down on himself, in the dark, since he knew it was not of good hopeful times (yet we have just seen things were so peaceful on the streets a little bit earlier)

All of a sudden while my husband in the dream was talking to that man from the streets, there was a rushing flood that has taken away everything in front of me, in my sight along with it, and I!!! I was also carried away with the waves, the buildings, the paintings that this guy had painted, my husband in the dream and pieces of fences…etc. I was holding his hands until he parted and I was deep under water, I couldn’t get out. Heavy and huge parts was over the surface, I didn’t find a way OUT!

I was about to drown and die. It was so intense that I just couldn’t, I just couldn’t find my husband, he died with the rush of the river and I was about to give up and die too. While I was under water I could see that there was an upside down fence near the bottom of the river under water. I had either choice, to give up and die drowning or continue further down there and swim more in hopes of anything but I might die anyway. Then I lifted my heart to the Lord in prayer in the dream as if it was a journey I trusted He is leading that adventure, where I asked the Lord I die or either I go down there and pass this tunnel fence where I might die of its endlessness under water or you might show a way out!

To my surprise, there was a lady standing on the bottom with a sort of plastic bag on her head, with another assistant person, and they have put a plastic bag on my head that gave room for me to breath a little while. They could walk on the bottom of the river, but they dragged me as I swam, until we reached a sort of a tunnel heading up to a sort of a huge container cube that looked like a house and where lots of people rushed in with commands and to dos. It looked like a flying house.

They put me on a couch to rest, and everything else on the interiors seemed of many rooms on four corners but RECYCLED anything and everything. Leather curtains, inventions made of plastic and camera flash keeps flashing somewhere…Then the lady who saved me started using a stick and she would strike a push on the leather curtains on four sides and the cube house started to move and fly…

They seemed to be normal people with extra knowledge of Physics and invention, also they seemed like survivors too. They didn’t know much about the outside world. But they were working all the time to develop their inventions.

This flying house flew in between buildings and on beaches, but as if the people flying this cube have a way to let others not see them when they desire so. They have a sort of technology based on natural equipment like glass and light to make them not see whom they don’t want them t see.

There was a time that something wrong happened with this flying thing, that I started to pray and ask for God loudly and no one actually listened to me but everyone was hooked up doing stuff.

It’s not what I’ve seen, but the only picture that could create the mood I was in

And I woke up..

Intense huh?!