They Never Knew…

Who is He who allured her away from us into the wilderness?!

They never knew…

From another world he came to call her out to His own. To write crimson red words on her.

Red kisses drawn into her name on His heart.

A new story that would live forever!

They never knew she had to leave and cleave to another Man of every girl’s dream. They never knew that she had to run away to find the longing of her heart. The Man she was made for. The Man who was there for her since the beginning of time. Best of all she ever met. His name is JESUS. All beautiful and captivating. Strong and faithful. They never knew that she was made for him ALONE. She was defined in Him. All her desires to be part of Him that felt so right. His nature of light and greatness wraps her up in splendor and Glory of His creation. His crown over her was intense and magnificent Love.

A love story came to be, came into existence, when she left her father’s house, her land and her old gates. She had to look forward. Run ahead into a different knowledge than what she already had known. Run fast from experience and walls of conclusions. She had to find the one who saves the hearts of all men. A MAN who saves every lost woman’s heart deep inside. She had to be found and no where else but in that place of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Not in a man but a great Creator. Not in mortal but in an Eternal Father who grants HOPE for her life and speaks a destiny over her. Not just any man but a King who has power and full authority to change anything of every false system that she was falling under.

He completes every groan and every missing piece of her. Every question she has ever wondered. Every thought that was stepped upon in her heart to carry on and keep going. It was once again revived out of her mind-graves.

They never knew that he had to take her away and keep her as His own. They didn’t know that he was that jealous for her. They never knew that his Love was strong enough to keep her from settling down for anyone’s expectations. They never knew that He was all it takes for her to be in REST and in a place of SURRENDER.

They never knew that in Him were all things and to him are all things. That included her being. Her heart. Her Eternal longing. The now and the coming of everything. They didn’t know the POWER of His Love over her. The magnificent Rise of her might when she is with Him. Held in him. Every void place in her overflows with so many details and passion because finally she is made whole and complete in Him.

The pain of reason disappears in Him. The past seems nonsense in His mind of Eternity. And the look of Her eyes in His presence brings her environment sweet fragrance and favor. He loves her deeply.

They never knew that she had found the love of her life.