Sleepless & Warm Thoughts


A Dream was made for the night and for the day to be pursued.
Dreams are gifts of hope.
Meant to be understood, reached and so come forth.
Who said it’s gonna be easy.
Who said it’s gonna be gentle.
Who said it’s gonna be impossible.
Who said anything about settling for a dream was even possible?
No it wasn’t meant for your comfort.
A Dream is endless. Infinite. Precious.
But intended to grab your wheels of action.
Who says anything about how far you gotta go?
Who says it’s torture till you get there?
The truth is a dream is nearer than you imagine.
Right here.
It’s all about YOU.
It’s You in the making.
A dream sets you bound to be free.
A dream takes your everything down to elevate you into a new person with a set of trophies.
The purpose of a dream is to make you see yourself change within a journey.
It entitles new dimensions for your priorities.
It changes what you are made of until you become the gold in want.
You owe yourself transformation.
You can’t just sit there and watch it happen.
You gotta go out there and be the chance of becoming real.
You gotta beat the challenge so you get promoted to bigger dreams.
You gotta search it out, find it, get it from the far ends of your being.
Don’t settle for less!!!