Mastering the Art of Packing

Having a rolarcoster life without the smell of settling down anywhere yet, seems to  get my life all over the place.

I haven’t been staying in one place for longer than 3 weeks. That means every time I make a temporary closet, I gotta evacuate the soonest I have to go. So as it seems, I have eventually developed some smart tactics to get a whole closet in a bag!

If you wanna check out my new skill that I have developed jumping around from one place to another in California and master the art of packing follow these incredible tips that I have lately discovered.

Tip #1 Roll it all up & Stuff it all in

Nothing appears as it seems. When you pack, never ever fold piles (like you do with laundry) outside your bag and later drop them in the bag, because what you don’t know is, you’re wasting too much space in which the bag has another dimension inside. You gotta puzzle it in piece by piece by rolling all your clothes. And in doing that, it kinda tricks your bag into holding more than it appears to. It’s creating layers of clothes cylindrical consistency. Don’t worry about crushing your fancy clothes. This technique helps to un-wrinkle clothes all the time. Trust me.


Tip #2 It’s All About Space Busters

Before you finish packing make sure to know your bag’s “Space Busters” and how you can come up with new ones when you’re almost done with all your free space while packing.

Don’t ever leave shoes till the end of your packing layer. They form great space busters. I use them to stuff in jewelry, socks, or all sized anything. Definitely to avoid that with smelly shoes unless you could wrap them in plastic bags.

The sides also form good space busters with shampoo bottles, perfumes or even more shoes/slippers for my addictive collection.


Tip #3 Finish it Well

What if you’ve got something that can’t roll in to align in your bag layers? Well don’t worry. Leave it till the end. At the end all that is hard, heavy and puffy to roll takes less space when they are layered in flat.


Voilà!  And that’s how miraculously my closet got in that nice medium bag!