Working My Way Into A New Creation

How such a word carries my world?!
My beginnings & my endings. Everything starts at a point and seems to end around a corner stuck somewhere.
But the intervals of my life show otherwise, Faithfulness.
They always find their way in to find a link to prove me wrong!

Dana Point Beach Port

Dana Point Beach Hills

Oh How that word sounds nice!
It is a small word with an intense journey
All that I’ve called as my loved ones,
I would have never dared to, unless hurt and defeat got in our way!
It has outweighed more than I could bear
It costs me suffering to see my faults
And persistence to acquire the free will to believe the higher cause!

Sunset is peaceful

Fear! (The opposite of Faith)
What a destructive word that brings decay to my soul,
It has caused me to runaway from every long lost dream,
It has put me to rebellion and hold me back from a safe place
Until I was brought down to my knees in scatter picked up by a Creator. A Maker. One with Eternal Mercies to put me back together. To mend me and fix me, so I can rise up again in the face of my giants.

Is a little bit of everything, Time, Love and Fear mixed along together to make out of you the person that you are now and will be later. I have discovered that if it wasn’t for all these challenges and disappointments I would have never reached those things that I can be “Thankful for”  like knowing certain truth about ourselves and our lives, like enjoying some experiences of certain things….etc. The courage and boldness that you need to dive in deep in the substance of all these four.

I LOVE the mystery in Life that brings my Times to great discovery
In my challenges, I face the fear that turns into faith in moments of Godly utterances
Then I can realize how bold and courageous I can get to BEAT down my misconceptions and seek understanding.
I believe my REAL JOY comes when Time proves me wrong and Proves the Goodness of God Right!
I love to have the insight that brings my blindness out into the Light!

The Truth:
I’ve learnt that wherever I’ll be, However I am, and forever it is to be that “My Control is destroying it ALL” and “What God opens no one can shut and what he shuts no one can open” and my faith is not what I see or “Think” as right or wrong for me. It is nonsense for God because He is the GOD of MIRACLES and whatever I  master-plan for myself will never be as exquisite as when God draws the plan UNBELIEVABLY extraordinary ….My senses groan to have God’s Amazing WAYS….but I’m thankful because i will never see the bigger picture, because I delight and I have great Joy in walking little steps to DISCOVER His GREAT Love for me.

That’s why Solomon, the greatest man that ever lived in his time and outlived our time said, “Trust the Lord Your God with all your Being and DO NOT LEAN ON YOUR UNDERSTANDING”

I’ve also learnt never to pride in my old hurts, my past sins, nor dead pains but I’ve definitely learned that with God “its a ONE WAY FORWARD, NEVER GOING BACK” and that’s my ONLY HOPE , I’ve taken so much time to CONSIDER (A CLOSED CASE) my past that has defined my situation and myself, I have wasted time to brag about what has affected me and spoke a final word of judgement upon my future killing it! WRONG! God is able to turn a heart of stone into FLESH, and He’s able to blow His breath in it….I come to His senses NOW and FLY in HIS FAITHFULNESS………and that is all my friends.

Let yourself FLY in the UNKNOWN….OUR GOD will now make No sense…..Stop struggling and Let yourself LOOSE and DANCE in the AIR for HE KNOWS what HE IS DOING AND IT IS ALL FOR YOU TO SEE GLORY! A BEAUTY THAT HAS NO LIMIT!

“For I know the Plans I have for You, Plans to prosper you & not to harm you, Plans to give you Hope & a Future” JEREMIAH 29:11