I’m Undone!

Hello Blog,

I’m sitting here in the shadows of the night, and I can’t seem to fall asleep. I only got you and my words that I splash in the air on my keyboard. You’re all I’ve got left. My words  might be upsetting to you but at least I know you’ll listen in the after hours of when my strength is gone and I’m outta control. You seem to be the only one who’s up for anything I say. I’ve got this raging pain of the unfulfilled, the unfinished and the never ending pain of the undone things in my life that keeps repeating itself over and over again and it’s keeping me awake that I can’t put my head safe on my pillow.

I think I’m not ready for you tomorrow. I can’t seem to find a reason to dream for you.  It was Yesterday who had stolen away from me most of everything I hoped for, yet you chose to remain  silent and not do anything about it. You’ve let him trick us both and you knew this was the deal. You think that this is funny?! The way I’m gonna move on, or learn something new, or just be stronger….but you can’t do this to me. You can’t take advantage of me like that.

Are you gonna let the sun shine on me for a better day soon? When will you have the courtesy to meet my anticipations? When will you move on forward for me?  It’s like I’m begging the moon to hold the sun back from rising in the morning until yesterday could explain to me why is he after my hopes, my desires, and my longings.  He’s gotta give me reason, Why!

It keeps happening over and over again, to show me a glimpse of something splendidly beautiful but never goes through complete.  You keep cutting and slaughtering it all before I get to watch anything grow to it’s fullness to my pride. You take things away from me without my consent. And you get away with it just like that. It’s just unfair.

I am tired and worn out by the unfinished business of my life because you don’t let me through. You keep aborting my hopes and dreams into something called pushing through, pressing on, and believing for the best is yet to come. But I’m tired! I’m just tired….

It’s soon that I’m gonna get a new title for outnumbering my days and I would like some kind of appreciation and respect from you, Time! Be nice! Be gentle! And allow me some fresh air to breathe, give me some absolutes and show me one thing that could happen and is impossible to catch today. Give me my tomorrow now! You owe it to me. Yes you do!

Don’t you dare take anything again from me because I’m undone!