Fighting for Hope

Flying over mountain tops

Flying over mountain tops

I am celebrating one year being here in the States, with a lot of valuable happenings and wonderful friends while I’m so grateful for every moment that passed me by in its lows and highs and  in comfort and struggle I made it through. Not alone, but definitely God sends angelic friends who stick to you closer than brothers.

I’ve been learning to push through the worse, press on even if I’m bruised to death. I’ve spent nights wondering in regret, I’ve spent days in depression, and I was too alone to find anyone to answer my endless questions about the right from wrong wondering if I’m doing the rightful or worst things in my life as if I went back to point zero like a baby toddler who’s still crawling to reach for things to hold on to so I can stand up again in a world I’ve never seen or known before in my life.

I missed my best friend the most, who made sense to my world and understood every situation I went through. With her I found a reason to tell stories and share moments. I miss her company beyond words, the hilarious laughter, the silliness of every crankiness. There was reason to be in love to share the joy and the pain, to find unity and acceptance in a place of mess-ups and connection …. friendship power! <———- That——–> I have been lacking big time and as much as I got to know a lot of people I, most likely, have to start over a lot of things that usually under normal circumstances take time to build anew. OH TIME…

But… God has been more than wonderful to me, sweeter than ever, in the right time, he sees me through my “THANK YOUS”. That’s called UNDERSTANDING HIS GOODNESS in ALL THE BAD of myself and what’s around me.  

Before I ever existed, the omnipresent, the all sufficient, the all powerful, the GREAT I AM, mighty is His name, He  has always been there surrounding me, even when I haven’t seen Him face to face, even when I denied his presence a lot of times, HE HAS ALWAYS BEEN THERE, that will always be an eternal fact that He is much GREATER than my own problems. After spending this thanksgiving with everybody I’m incredibly in love with, friends and family. I believe God has answered my prayer on my 27th Birthday and I have no words that could express nor heart that could expand beyond my tininess to thank God enough for how much He’s always been there for me. I asked God to make me strong, to be able to be there for other people, and find that the true meaning of life is to be there for one another. That’s exactly what happened this thanksgiving and will remain till days to come.

His ears have heard, his hands have stretched out for me and his arms have held me tighter than ever. He sent me the most wonderful people to support…… With all my heart I’m thankful for all that has been and what is yet to come in my life. Frustrations come and go but what God is teaching me is to fight for HOPE, to stand on solid ROCK, to be UNSHAKEN if everything else is shaking, to never doubt His love because of messed up lies that come from a FATHERLESS world that whispers noise of despair to bring us down! You gotta hold onto who you are in HIM and understand that HE is EVERYTHING He said HE IS. He is not a man to lie nor a man to promise and not fulfill. HIS WORD CREATES WHAT HE SPEAKS. HE IS THE LIGHT BRIGHTER THAN THE SUN. The HOPE Jesus provides is not a feeling, it’s far more than a feeling, it’s a true PROMISE to BE STILL in the storm, knowing His hand will stretch out to calm the storms surrounding your ship even if it’s almost sinking, He is the captain of your ship. I was never alone and I will never be. No matter what they say or what they believe, who stands by me is the GREATEST OF ALL.

Happy Belated Thanksgiving to all … knowing everyday shall be a new day full of new mercies to be so grateful for!