I Belong To New Beginnings

I belong to New Beginnings

I belong to New Beginnings

This is Enough!

I have looked back for so long on what I had left behind.

What I have done, what I have built, who I was,

Knowing what I’ve done was magnificently beautiful

But…. it had its own time.

Now there’s a CHANCE, A Call to be NEW.

I will write to create, REBORN.

A NEW NOW and It’s time to Rise like a new dawn and dream for a NEW world

Tingling thoughts, please blow my mind away with what’s happening in my imagination right now…

Fearless, I stand and I Can Splash My Colors Into Anything I Want.

Dream for the impossible to come to life.

I …..it is I who needs to come back to life.

Lord Help Me Rise Up!

CREATIVE CREATURE, I call you out of your grave


You’ve always done it before


Let Go. Let Loose.

Forget your experience and forgive the pain and show yourself what you’ve got!

The old has passed.

You belong to New Beginnings!