I hate that never ending struggle of where i always have to stand in the middle between my heart and my mind, ain’t that unfair?!

It’s totally unfair to always find in any situation two opposite roots deep inside the core of your being to decide, to choose, to move or do whatever. Two very different and very strong opposites and strongly opinionated strings taking big parts of your life! A heart that will most likely turn you restless and upside down into a crazy creature or bring you down because it feels with all its gut, and will eventually hammer you down hard on your face while a mind that will always be a control-freak to take the lead in any decision probably to be tough, first and foremost on yourself and it is a confident flip no going back!!!! 

I do get the hang of this, but i just hate it….

Where do i get to let go and let loose of the attached strings…where do the FREE SPIRIT comes in and saves me from my decisions, my self, my fears, my worries, and my calculations….where and when will my heart and my mind be one in agreement and not struggle that much? When? and How?

Does that struggle even exists…or have I gone nuts?!

Well..whatever the struggle is, was, or will be, there’s one thing I know that TRUSTING God with all these pieces of myself is where my HOPE lies! 

A little dance and a little wit is what stands in the midst to free everything back in place! 

So true…