An Eagle Ride

This is a very thrilling and exciting RIDE

This blog was born in my head three years ago when a very precious and special friend once wrote me on a Birthday card, instead of calling my name, she wrote:  “The Eagle Pen” and it powerfully hit me. It was as if she had created in me a free spirit to rise, shine and soar above everything and anything in the world, to live up my destiny with our Creator King Jesus Christ! She gave me a power to dream, a power to hope and a power to BE ALL IN HIM.

Ever since, I’ve been waiting till the RIGHT time to start that blog, and finally I did, the blog is here, alive, flapping its wings and creating new things while God keeps surprising me on and on in His eternal wonders of amazing love.

I have created this blog starting out a wonderful journey, a ride actually, in the HEAVENLIES, starting out a new season that I will have to spread my wings and flap them for the very first time in my life and to write down every bit of it, also as a token of clinging to the Lord Jesus Christ to praise Him and worship all the Mighty works of His hands and that He will reveal in the words I will follow and the path He will show me.

Along with a New very special Season I am starting in my life, I just have to share with friends, family and ones who are very dear to my heart, I just see Eternal bonds growing and in action wherever they may be and the Tent is just stretching further and further to the Ends of the Earth.
Rana, your friendship has been my eternal support, my joy in life, the prophetic melody I can’t live without and so much more unstoppable meanings that no one will understand but me and you… this blog is for YOU! Dimensions with God are so much different than ours, put under that: distance, time, friendships, and the whole WORLD.
….And everyone who backed me up and stood by me till this very moment.

Eagles and Eaglettes…FLY!