The Secret Formula For Blessing, Eating Together?!

Did you know how GENEROUS God is?!!! Did you know that if we are born of God and after we become citizens of heaven, we are heirs of incredible RICH FORTUNE that can… Continue reading

Sleepless & Warm Thoughts

A Dream was made for the night and for the day to be pursued. Dreams are gifts of hope. Meant to be understood, reached and so come forth. Who said it’s gonna be… Continue reading

Getting Myself Together!

It’s been a while and I have been loosing it…I gotta get myself together! And I never thought when God was calling me out of my land, He was actually calling me to… Continue reading

They Never Knew…

Who is He who allured her away from us into the wilderness?! They never knew… From another world he came to call her out to His own. To write crimson red words on… Continue reading

Packing on Purple Boosters for Christmas

This……. Yes,  this is all in PURPLE! I couldn’t help it..but everything that i see BEAUTIFUL ends up in PURPLE!!! It’s not my fault! Even my Baby Liss hair straightener…which was, by the… Continue reading

A Dream: A Flood, Flying House & Survivors’ Inventions

I have been dreaming very specific dreams while I have been staying here… I slept last night on the voice of showers of rain behind my window and it was such a cold… Continue reading


It’s amazing how far I am from everything I long to be with, at, and I know, my dreams, my desires, my people, yet I feel OK! I feel in the right place.… Continue reading

I’m Done Hiding!

As promised to Rana (my all time favorite piece of my heart) that I’d write this down before I go to bed after she held on to something I’ve said and won’t let… Continue reading

The Portable Meaning of Home

From Egypt To California Since I got here despite knowing i was made to fly, questions of doubt rolled up and down my head: What am I supposed to do after flying..after God’s… Continue reading

It’s Thanksgiving in LA!

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Turkey eating day! I booked my ticket not knowing it will be Thanks Giving! Godly surprises are Rolling… I finally made it… Flying to LA took me almost 19… Continue reading